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I'm Cooper! Dating the beautiful Bella! I'm pretty chill!! I have a youtube channel and I LOVE CATS!! and the world!! also a vegetarian!!!


nothing makes me happier than pete wentz and patrick stump standing with tall people.

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This is the first time I’ve ever seen an archer in a film run out of arrows or collect used arrows to reuse later.

Accuracy: You’re doing it right.

accuracy? this is a movie about a small band of fantabulous people with random superpowers who defeat an alien invasion led by a guy with golden goat horns and you’re worried about accuracy?

firstly: tony, nat, and clint do not have superpowers, they rely on their skills to survive

secondly: thor is not human, other than the use of his hammer, he is relying on the natural strength and fighting abilities of his people

thirdly: bruce and steve were both perfectly ordinary until science got involved

lastly: what supervillain doesn’t have at least one questionable fashion decision?

accuracy matters

i’m gonna cry omg

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the people who make lyric videos on youtube are the backbone of this nation


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Reblog if you’re a nobody on Tumblr but you’re still very proud of your blog.


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Anonymous asked: How do dick pics make u feel?




This is the fucking funniest thing I have ever seen omfg.


i imagine both steve and bucky like to come up with different ways to poke fun at sam every time they pass him during jogging

because they are shitheads

(the first one is a print you can get here)

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